DO YOU SPEAK “POLICY LANGUAGE”? – Insurance policies are a contract between you and the insurance company.  They are written using a certain language.  Ask any insurance agent or adjuster and they’ll tell you about the “policy language”.  The policy language informs policyholders of their coverage, limitations, exclusions and what they must do (or not […]

How are We Different?

Each type of loss mandates a certain knowledge in order to ensure that coverage is extended and that all aspects of the repairs are considered.  PROPERTY CLAIMS CONSULTING, INC. knows what is required for a property to recover from the following types of claims:  

Why Hire a Public Adjuster…
Why Hire a Public Adjuster…

Insurance companies are not inherently malicious. However, insurance companies are businesses that need to maximize profits for their shareholders. One way insurance companies maximize profits is by what they call “limiting exposure”, which includes only paying the minimum of what you are owed on a claim. Just as you would not think of going to […]

What You Say (or Do) Can Hurt Your Claim!

Did you know that when it comes to an insurance claim what you say (or don’t say) and what you do (or don’t do) can hurt your outcome? Insurance companies need specific details on how, what, when and where the loss occurred. Unfortunately, many of us don’t remember those details.  The event was too traumatic […]