What You Say (or Do) Can Hurt Your Claim!

Did you know that when it comes to an insurance claim what you say (or don’t say) and what you do (or don’t do) can hurt your outcome?

Insurance companies need specific details on how, what, when and where the loss occurred. Unfortunately, many of us don’t remember those details.  The event was too traumatic and too many
things were going on to recall exactly what happened.

In addition, insurance policies are written in a certain language.  Ask any insurance agent or adjuster and they’ll tell you about the “policy language”.  The policy language informs policyholders of their coverage, limitations, exclusions and what they must do (or not do) after they have a loss.  Not understanding your policy’s language can impact the outcome of your claim.

The information you present to your insurance company, and how you comply with your policy’s requirements may affect how much and even whether or not you receive coverage.

With 40 years of experience handling claims for insurance companies, we at PROPERTY CLAIMS CONSULTING, INC know policy language!  We’ll explain to you what is required under your insurance policy, we will present your claim to your insurance company , and work with them to bring you the maximum settlement on your claim.

oppagaA study completed by the OPPAGA office of the Florida Legislature (Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability) revealed that: “Policyholders with public adjuster representation typically received higher settlements than those without public adjusters. (OOPAGA Report #10-06

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